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Voi Light Scale Desking

The Challenge

The HON Company, a leader in the office furniture industry, engaged Brooks Stevens to partner on the development of a new laminate desking series, Voi™, that would prioritize both style and usability. Traditionally, furniture companies employ individual designers who specialize in office systems. Hon came to us because we were able to leverage our multi-displinary team’s experience with industries outside of furniture to bring a fresh outlook to light scale desking.

Design opportunities were identified within the way people work and interact with their office; the team noted a progression toward open and collaborative workspaces. Therefore, the design solution needed to accommodate these changing workflows of companies and individuals.  The system needed to be modular and fit private, semi-private and concealed office spaces. Meanwhile, Voi’s design needed to promote a shared work environment, provide adaptable storage solutions, and manage the future of electronics in space and cord management.

The Solution

Brooks Stevens was able to help HON satisfy the needs of this wide customer base through dynamic design support. The program delivered cost-effective, innovative concepts that focused on styling, functionality, modularity and proportions supported by high quality 3D renderings. At the heart of these designs were end-user needs identified by Hon’s research initiatives.

This collaboration resulted in the modular Voi system which can be tailored to the end-user’s specific workflow in terms of storage, teamwork and organization. The Voi system breaks away from traditional desking: lighter color schemes fit with today’s interior design trends while its flexible arrangement fits today’s working environment. Finally, everyone from the CEO to the intern can have a workspace that suits their needs.

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