Taking Control

Taking Control
Sauer-Danfoss Launches Joystick Series
May 26th, 2011

Minneapolis, MN – Sauer-Danfoss launched the new JS7000 joystick series at ConExpo in March where a Brooks Stevens, Inc team was able to see the results of our in-depth collaboration.  A multi-continental design research study identified surprising regional differences in use from an ergonomic and an interfacing perspective.  Several iterations of drawings and clay models were guided by these video and interview insights, and tested through validation research.

The new joysticks give operators improved comfort, ease of control and manufacturers more flexibility in configuration.  The strength of the product came from understanding the end-users and translating their needs into impactful design solutions.

The series is already the talk of the industry with a recent article published in Mobile HydraulicTips. Explaining the extensive development process behind the joysticks’ unparalleled design, Joe Maher (Product Marketing Manager for Sauer-Danfoss) recognized Brooks Stevens’ contribution: “Combining the research findings with our previous application experience and the industrial design expertise of partner Brooks Stevens, we developed a world-class joystick that the industry didn’t realize it needed.”