Sausages on the Go: Designing Klement’s Brat Patrol Cart

Brooks Stevens, Inc Develops Yet Another Drivable Sausage
Brooks Stevens, Inc Develops Yet Another Drivable Sausage
April 23rd, 2013

Milwaukee, WI-One of Brooks Stevens, Inc’s unique accomplishments is our domination in sausage vehicle dynamics and implementation.  Really.  Our reign in this niche started with the design of the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile in the 1950s, so it’s no wonder the Milwaukee Brewers approached BSI to develop the Klement’s Brat Patrol – a cart driven around the stadium by a Klement’s sausage mascot.

The BSI team took inspiration from a lunchtime cookout (if only every product development project launched with a feast).  The crown jewel of the design is a seven-foot bratwurst mounted on huge tongs.  Brewers fans are sure to become hungry looking at this giant brat with a hot-off-the grill appearance.  In fact, grilled Klement’s brats were measured and geometrically analyzed to ensure our CAD models were proportioned correctly-down to the grill marks and tied off ends.

The brat mobile had to be retrofitted for brand language elements and the ability to support the oversized fiberglass wiener (11 feet off the ground).  Thanks to BSI, the Milwaukee Brewers and Klement’s, the vehicle is safe, durable and ready to entertain Brewers tailgaters.

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