On the Road to Knowledge

Going the Distance for Our Clients
March 18th, 2011

Here, There, Everywhere – BSI design researchers travel far and wide gathering information to guide the development process.  We recently uncovered this letter home which we found too endearing not to share:

Dear Mom and Dad,

I thought you would enjoy this video from my recent research expeditions for our clients at BSI.  I’m still intrigued at how spaces, places and people affect the way a design is experienced.  For example, people interact with products and technologies differently in Texas than they do in Germany.  Yet some routines I’ve observed from people are universal!  I know the knowledge I am collecting will inspire my teammates to create improved designs for products that people will love to use-maybe even you!We’re all working hard and having fun on the road.  Here are some pictures from my co-workers on one of their trips.

Love, Ryan

PS-Give Rex a treat and a belly rub from me!