Get A Grip: Joystick Research and Development Recognized by Industry

Hard Work Recognized by Industry Magazine
Hard Work Recognized by Industry Magazine
November 1st, 2011

Allenton, WI – At Brooks Stevens, Inc., our satisfaction comes from the pride in delivering solutions to our clients and their customers.  But, of course, we love recognition from the industries we touch.  This time, our collaboration with valued client, Sauer Danfoss developed a product series that has been recognized as “unparalleled” and “game-changing” by Industrial Vehicle Technology International in their article aptly-named “The Hands-On Approach”.

IVT International is a well-respected industry publication that shares industry news items about ground-breaking design and engineering innovations. In “The Hands-On Approach,” IVT outlines the design research, design and engineering process behind the JS7000 joysticks.  The article recognizes the product features as superior solutions that will guide the future of operator controls.  BSI is thrilled to have been deeply involved in such esteemed work.

The JS7000 joystick series, a line of joysticks for mobile equipment control, was born from the in-depth partnership between Sauer- Danfoss and BSI.  Sauer-Danfoss relied on BSI throughout the development process of these new controls which feature a dual axis design, push button & trigger switches, and right or left hand grips.

A multi-continental design research study identified surprising regional differences in use from an ergonomic and an interfacing perspective, leading to the identification of three distinct types of users the new designs would have to accommodate.  They were defined by geography, equipment to be operated, level and format of switch technology employed, and even hand size.

Several iterations of drawings and clay models were guided by these video and interview insights, and tested through validation research.  Validation models were cast in urethane with tactile switches installed for accurate evaluation of feel and accessibility.  This phase of research showed improved behaviors with the new concepts compared to the current offerings.

BSI designers and engineers refined these concepts with vertical and horizontal design configurations in clay and cast urethane models for further ergonomic evaluation.  Our engineers continued the relationship through assistance in mechanical design for manufacturing & assembly, production design & support.

The new joysticks give operators improved comfort, ease of control and manufacturers more flexibility in configuration.  The strength of the product came from understanding the end-users and translating their needs into impactful design solutions. articulated it best: “Extensive ethnographic research, superb design and rigorous testing have combined to deliver a game-changing solution to the world of industrial vehicle controls.”

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