Crenlo Cobalt Cab

Crenlo Cobalt Cab developed by Brooks Stevens, Inc
Crenlo Cobalt Cab developed by Brooks Stevens, Inc
May 12th, 2016

Milwaukee, WI- Crenlo’s Cobalt Operator Cab features Research, Industrial Design and CAD by Brooks Stevens, Inc.  Inspired by intense research activities, our designers continued the immersion, creating concepts while sitting inside a spatial mockup. There’s no substitute for direct experience.

Crenlo is a manufacturer of custom cabs for markets such as Agriculture, Construction, Material Handling, Airport Plows, etc.  The Cobalt Cab is Crenlo’s first foray into building and marketing their own cab.  It targets small to medium sized  manufacturers to eliminate the time & expense of custom designing a cab; they can just purchase the Cobalt.  Crenlo sought out BSI because of our proven history in the operator cab niche.

The resulting Cobalt interior is an “office in the field” with modular configuration and improved interior ergonomics & storage. Details include a unique folding “buddy seat”, improving operator access and doubling as a laptop desk. The exterior continues the theme with sag form glass to improve visibility, and modular panels for flexible color, branding and configuration.

Crenlo’s Cobalt surpassed initial sales forecasts!  In fact, first year sales projections were changed to reflect the demand…1,700 units in its first year as opposed to 1,000 units in three years.  This aggressive ROI proves that sometimes to think outside the box, you must climb back into it!

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