Cooper Power Systems Product Launch

New Form 4D Recloser Interface
October 15th, 2010

Milwaukee, WI – Cooper Power Systems is a leading manufacturer of medium and high-voltage electrical equipment, components and systems that deliver reliable electric power to homes, industries, businesses and institutions worldwide.   When developing the Form 4D Recloser, the first in a platform of fully integrated recloser controls, they engaged Brooks Stevens, Inc. to design a new interface system.  This system was to be used in not only the 4D Recloser, but also across Cooper’s product line to ensure consistency.

BSI led a thorough research initiative with end-users:  linemen and technicians, to understand their issues and struggles with the current interfaces.  In-depth interviews and ethnography provided key insight and served as a design guide.  Cooper relied on BSI’s strengths in Industrial and Graphic design to minimize user confusion and accommodate multiple configurations and uses.    Further, Brooks Stevens, inc. provided Cooper with documented interface methodology for implementation across Cooper’s product lines.

The new interface prioritizes the user experience through strategic organization of controls based on function and user access.  The controls and indicators are mapped and identified with consistent naming, abbreviations and cueing.  This design consistency ensures a safer and more intuitive user experience.  Further, the design makes provisions for flexibility- design elements were specifically incorporated to ensure future upgradeability.

BSI is excited to watch the success of this product, launched at the beginning of this month.  Customer feedback already validates the work, “Obviously, you worked with linemen to develop this control, as it is a very lineman-friendly design.”

For further information, please visit their website.