BSI at Muskego High School

Meeting With Students In Product Development Class
December 6th, 2010

Muskego, WI – Brooks Stevens, Inc. continues its support of design and engineering education at all levels.  Recently George Konstantakis and Douglas Carpiaux from our Allenton, WI, office donated their time to meet with students from Muskego High School’s Engineering Design and Development program.  While many high school students are still just discovering the fields of engineering and design, the exposure that students in this program receive puts them well ahead of the curve.

Department Chair Karen Lindholm-Rynkiewicz invited BSI to present real-world case studies to the class as a whole, and to meet separately with three students actively developing a unique product.  George and Doug shared their unique experiences and insights with the students, who showed impressive progress and initiative.  The tools of direct videotaped observation of use and maintaining a focus on the user were main topics of discussion.  We sincerely wish Cal Feider, Nick Drobka, and William Juranitch the best of luck in their efforts, and look forward to watching their development as they proceed toward careers in product development.