BSi Lectures to Anthropology and Business Students

Guest Speaker at University of Minnesota
April 7th, 2010

Minneapolis, MN – Brooks Stevens’ Ryan Sohlden, Design Research Lead was invited to address students and impart his industry knowledge at the University of Minnesota.  Ryan shared design research perspectives as part of the newly developed course centered on Anthropology and Business students.

To help understand opportunities with design research and in an effort to guide upcoming projects, students learned about the Brooks Stevens approach to design research. Topics touched on field guides and field work, synthesis and deliverables. During the session, students were shown case studies of projects which will serve as benchmarks for the students’ projects.

During the subsequent workshop, Ryan provided guidance on project planning and execution specific to each student’s project. Brooks Stevens would like to thank Toby Nord and Bill Beeman for making this opportunity possible.  We are honored to be a part of this continued relationship.