The Challenge

Briggs & Stratton has relied on Brooks Stevens, Inc. for product development support for numerous projects from engines to mowers to generators to pressure washers.  When Briggs & Stratton wanted to introduce a next generation Snapper lawn tractor, it was no wonder that they came to BSI for Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering and Prototyping support.

Briggs & Stratton provided a conceptual design; it was up to BSI to enhance and refine it so that it could accommodate the chassis and meet manufacturing process requirements.  Further, BSI ensured the design refinements reflected the visual brand language of this Briggs & Stratton Snapper line.

The Solution

The design was strong so the engineering would have to be as well.  BSI engineered all new components for this program.  These components maintained the design intent and incorporated details for manuf- acturing in injection molded plastic and formed steel.  By meeting with Briggs & Stratton’s manufacturing suppliers, BSI engineers were able to overcome manufacturing process limitations before any model was made.

Soon, the NXT200 was being prototyped in the BSI shop.  Model makers and technicians used CNC, FPR, SLA and cast urethane processes to create both mock ups and show quality functional units.  These full scale prototypes enabled Briggs & Stratton and BSI to evaluate the project for fit, form and function. BSI’s final prototype was even used for dealer presentations and an infomercial.

This proven collaboration resulted in the NXT200 tractor which dazzles its owners with new features: electronic dash with maintenance indicators, push-button starting, LED headlights, electric deck height adjustment and mesh suspension seating.  Not surprisingly, the first year orders exceeded expectations.

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