Continuum Footspas

Maestro Footspa

The Challenge

When Continuum Foot Spas approached Brooks Stevens, Inc. with the goal to revolutionize the stagnant manicure and pedicure market, we recognized the need for an initial research initiative. Our goal was to uncover opportunities identifiable only through engaging consumers closely connected to the actual use-environment. In this case, the use-environments were salons where various stakeholders gave, received or oversaw manicures and pedicures. All of these parties possessed unique needs that Brooks Stevens identified, explored and incorporated into the final design.

The Solution

Continuum Foot Spas and the Brooks Stevens development team uncovered opportunities that informed the design of this revolutionary spa for manicures and pedicures while accommodating the needs of all users. This research helped determine the overall look and feel of the spa, as well as the functional elements.

By engaging with various stakeholders in this process, we were able to design a product that fit the customer needs of sanitation, comfort and aesthetics, while contributing to an optimal client user experience. The result was the introduction of the Maestro Spa.

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