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The Brooks Stevens philosophy runs through all of us in everything we do on the board, in the field, or in the prototype shop. We are precocious thinkers, makers, designers and engineers known for surprises. Let's talk.

Senior Mechanical Designer

We are searching for a seasoned Mechanical Designer reporting to the Director of Engineering. This person will provide technical and creative ideas, grounded in his or her prior learned mechanical design and manufacturing principles.  Brooks Stevens’ projects involve average complexity, requiring fast and complete work to both profit the Client and to support Brooks Stevens’ growth.


This position requires an Associate Degree in Mechanical Design Technology or equivalent and 6 years (minimum) working experience in a prior CAD-intensive position collaborating closely with mold and tool designers.

Position Expectations:

  • Creative, passionate, and logical problem solving abilities.
  • Experience working within a gated new product development process.
  • Fundamental literacy in metal castings, sheet metal fabrication, thermoforming, and FRP design elements.
  • Proven and advanced experience with injection molded plastic parts (material selection, snap fits, structural ribbing, design-for-molding and post-processing).
  • Advanced 3D surfacing and modeling skills with particular strength in one or more of three codes:  SolidWorks, PTC Creo, or Autodesk Fusion 360.
  • Advanced ability to calculate 2D and 3D tolerances and communicate essential form and fit dimensions through GD&T on detail drawings.
  • Sensitivity to aesthetics and form development.
  • Ability to communicate and present effectively.
  • Ability to manage time effectively.


  • Research, conceptualize and develop designs for various industries and markets, working under the Engineering Director, Lead Mechanical Engineer, or Senior Mechanical Engineer.
  • Use time effectively, creatively, and productively to complete tasks within accelerated schedules and firm budgets, to meet and exceed the Client’s expectations.
  • Collaborate closely with Industrial Designers to incorporate the form, aesthetic, psychological, and emotional design elements, to assure the proper interface between the end user and the final product.
  • Produce the detail drawing and written documentation necessary to convey critical design attributes to the Client’s manufacturing stakeholders.  Requires that the candidate rapidly produce solid models, mechanical drawings and written reports.

Growth and Development:

  • Increase knowledge and skills in all areas of mechanical design including materials, construction, manufacturing processes, technology trends, software applications, and presentation skills.
  • A continuing focus upon self-improvement, improvement of internal workings at Brooks Stevens, and elevating the external impression of the firm.

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Senior Industrial Designer

Are you looking for a new team where you can grow your skills, mentor others and chase perfection? If so, we want to meet you. Brooks Stevens is a consortium of shapers and makers – ready to pick up the torch and bring true market changing product design to those we collaborate with. Because the world waits for no one, we never wait to make it innovative, make it superior and make it now. We are hunting a senior industrial designer that sees the glory in our 83-year-old wrinkles and understands that behind the thousands of products we have designed is the young hungry visionary. This is not a job search, our next teammate is seeking us; the creative haven for design, where the user still reigns supreme and challenging the status quo is what we do in our sleep.

Position Description

Brooks Stevens is looking for a multi-faceted industrial designer to join us. You will be part of a team of industrial designers, engineers, and fabricators that work collaboratively to bring world-class products to market. We are looking for a designer that has an intimate understanding of empathy, form, function, and making. Senior level employees work directly with the client, responsible for delivering excellent design in a fast-paced environment. You must be able to demonstrate your ability to work at a professional design level, focused on user experience while balancing client needs, budget and many other variables.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

  • Solid understanding of manufacturing materials and processes
  • Advanced sketching, rendering, and hands on modeling
  • Intermediate understanding of engineering principles
  • Strong ability to communicate and present effectively
  • Ability to manage time, budgets, and assigned manpower resources
  • Advanced skills in 2D and 3D applications such as Alias, SolidWorks, Adobe CS Suite
  • Ability to lead internal design reviews, measure the work of others, and mentor others
  • Exceptional thoroughness and reliability
  • Support marketing and business development onsite at clients’ locations, as necessary
  • Participate in design community via IDSA and student mentoring
  • Track various relevant trends and keep the team informed of latest advances
  • Provide world class level of service for our clientele

Education and Experience Profile

  • Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design (BA or BS) from an accredited school.
  • A minimum of seven years Industrial Design experience, preferably with varied industries or materials

Required Skills 

  • Anticipate and respond to project needs to ensure deliverables meet or exceed expectations.
  • Communicate pertinent aspects of the design solutions internally and externally via tools such as renderings, models, mechanical drawings, and written reports.
  • Define, quote, monitor, and review discipline-specific activities and approaches for projects of above-average complexity.
  • Ability to coordinate additional resources such as prototyping and engineering to complete projects within timeframes and budgets.
  • Assist in identifying and implementing “design tools” which will enhance BSI’s efficiency, effectiveness and quality of services.
  • Avid desire to expand the practice and theory of design at Brooks Stevens

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Lead Mechanical Engineer

We are looking for a Lead Mechanical Engineer that can provide technical and creative ideas that are grounded in the fundamental principles of the Mechanical Engineering discipline, that is a key contributor to projects of high complexity, product development success, and profitability of the business, by relating and responding to project needs with consistent design methodologies and creative vision that meet or exceed expectations.

Position requires a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering, or equivalent, and a minimum of 10 years of working experience.

Responsibilities (in addition to those of Senior Mechanical Engineer):

  • Advanced understanding of engineering principles as they relate to the design process.
  • Creative, passionate, logical, and analytical problem solving abilities, thorough understanding and ongoing investigation of progressive design tools and product development process methodologies.
  • Sensitivity to aesthetics and form development.
  • Extensive knowledge of mechanical engineering simulation (FEA, CFD, other), working with engineering test data and simulation tool results, providing suggestions and solutions.
  • Ability to plan complex projects, estimate costs, create schedules, assist with estimates.
  • High level of proficiency in discipline team management: time, quality and budgets.
  • Ability to coach and develop engineering staff.
  • Coordinate or produce the documentation necessary to convey pertinent aspects of the design solutions to external business functions through solid models, mechanical drawings, written reports, or other means as necessary.
  • Demonstrate a proactive attitude towards all aspects of the development process including communication, development gaps, deliverable quality, budget maintenance and timely execution.
  • Relate and respond to client needs to ensure design solutions meet or exceed their expectations.
  • Lead and participate in researching best practices, including tools, methodologies, strategic pursuits, and training.
  • Increase knowledge and ability in regards to company direction through involvement in external organizations, implementing and integrating best practices learned within the organization.

Growth and Development:

  • Increase knowledge and skills in all areas of mechanical design and engineering including materials, construction, engineering simulation and testing, manufacturing processes, technology trends, software applications, and presentation skills.
  • A continuing focus upon self-improvement, improvement of internal workings at BSI, acting as a resource to aid other designers to grow and develop, and elevating the external impression of BSI.

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