The Making of the Brat Patrol Cart

Brooks Stevens, Inc has a proven track record of providing product development services in almost every industry: consumer, commercial, medical, recreational, juvenile…You name it; we’ve researched, designed, engineered, prototyped, and tested everything from a tiny transmitter to a gigantic construction crane.  Our product development expertise has been implemented on products that save lives, make work more efficient, help raise families, attract new users, and more.

Yet, somehow in our 79 year history as a top product development firm, Brooks Stevens, Inc has established domination in sausage vehicle dynamics and implementation. Really. Our reign in this niche started with the design of the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile, so it’s no wonder the Milwaukee Brewers approached BSI to develop the Klement’s Brat Patrol – a cart driven around the Brewers’ stadium by a Klement’s sausage mascot.

The BSI team took inspiration from a lunchtime cookout (yum!); incorporating a seven-foot bratwurst mounted on huge tongs.  Now retrofitted for brand language elements and the ability to support the oversized fiberglass wiener, the vehicle is safe, durable and ready to entertain Brewers tailgaters.

Enjoy our photo gallery encapsulating the making of the Brat Patrol Cart.  Warning: You might start salivating.